Wheat Flakes Malted


Available for UK mainland delivery or collect on site in King’s Cross, London.

Conventional, non-organic, Organic and organic toasted varieties are also available.

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Bulk malted wheat flakes!

Wheat flakes are an incredibly versatile ingredient and a kitchen essential for any baker and foodie.

Malting wheat adds starch haze and protein levels to the wheat. The malting process relies on germination, meaning the wheat is spread evenly once covered in water so that the natural wheat enzymes can convert the wheat carbohydrates to sugars. It is then dried at the perfect temperature to caramelise the sugar, this creates a distinct flavour. The wheat is then shred into flakes.

Use them in breads, other baked goods and cereals. Add them to muesli and sultanas or a fruit of your choice for own custom breakfast creation. Malted wheat is often used when brewing beer as it has a higher protein content than it’s barley alternative.

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