Sultanas Raisins Organic


The possibilities with sultanas are endless! Think flapjack bars, granola, smoothies and home made chocolate. There’s a reason they’re added to most porridges and mueslis. Use them in savoury dishes – particularly spicy rices – for a complex, welcoming addition in flavour.

UK mainland delivery or collect on site in King’s Cross, London.

Conventional, non-organic sultanas also available.

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Bulk organic sultana raisins!

Organic, sun-dried, seedless sultanas with non-hydrogenated, non-GM vegetable oil for free flowing.

Sultanas are fundamentally small raisins, made from seedless, pale yellow grapes.

Due to the difference in drying method, many may argue that sultanas are the juicier alternative.

We’re an equal fan of both, as they taste great, and possess antioxidants and fibre!

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