Bulk cereal grains at wholesale prices: Oats, Buckwheat, Rice, Soy, Quinoa, Barley, Kamut and more.
Ranging from 5kg - 25kg. Organic, Fairtrade, Conventional and Gluten-Free available.

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Barley Flakes 25kg

Our barley flakes are available in 25Kg bulk quantity. Sourced from within the UK, these British bar..


Barley Flakes Crisps Organic 7.5kg

Organic Toasted Barley Flakes in bulk 7.5Kg quantity. UK mainland delivery or collect on-site in Ki..


Barley Flakes Organic 12.5kg

Our organic barley flakes are available in 12.5kg bulk quantity. Soil Association approved, our Brit..


Bran Flakes Organic 10kg

Organic Bran Flakes in bulk 10kg quantity. Ideal for catering for bulk breakfasts; add toppings and ..


Bran Sticks 15kg

Crispy roasted wheat-bran sticks (75% wheat bran, 25% wheat flour), in bulk 15kg quantity...


Buckwheat Flakes Gluten Free Organic 25kg

Organic Buckwheat Flakes in 15Kg quantity. Naturally gluten-free, buckwheat flakes are perfect for c..


Corn Flakes Gluten Free Organic 15kg

Organic Cornflakes in bulk 15kg quantity. Ideal for catering batch breakfasts - suitable for those g..


Millet Flakes 25kg

Gluten-free Millet Flakes, available in bulk 25Kg quantity. Soak overnight and cook in water, broth,..


Oat Crispy Crunch 12.5kg

A crunchy blend of oats, sugar and honey, in bulk 12.5kg quantity - perfect as a granola base from w..


Oat Flakes Scottish Gluten Free Organic 20kg

Organically harvested in Aberdeenshire, these gluten-free Scottish Oats are kiln-dried to preserve t..


Oats Gluten Free 25kg

Gluten-free British oat flakes, available in bulk 25Kg quantity. Great to use when catering for coe..


Oats Honey Type B 25kg

Crunchy honey-toasted oats in bulk 25Kg quantity, UK origin. Perfect as the base of a healthy granol..


Oats Jumbo 25kg

Our jumbo oat flakes are available in bulk, 25Kg bags. Known for being low GI and high fibre, oats m..


Oats Jumbo Organic 25kg

Organic Jumbo Oats in bulk, 25kg quantity. Known for being low GI and high fibre, oats make a great ..


Quinoa Flakes Organic 25kg

Organic Quinoa Flakes in bulk 25Kg quantity. Ideal for making gluten-free, healthy sweet treats and ..