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In September 2016, Alex Smith the founder of Superfoods Wholesale visited the Maca farm in Huancavelica, Peru to see how our Maca is grown and harvested. Our Maca is planted in the highlands of Ccarahuasa, 4000-5200 meters above sea level. Maca can only be grown here due to its low temperatures. Our current stock comes from a farmer named Enrique Torres. He rents the land from a native Quechua community named “Angeles de Ccarahuasa” In return, Mr. Torres employs most of the community generating a positive economic impact to the region.

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Bulk Organic Maca Powder!

Maca powder is a source of vitamins and minerals, and the ultimate superfood. It benefits mind and body!

Maca Powder has a malty caramel flavour. As a result, it is ideal for smoothies, healthy desserts, breakfast bowls, raw chocolate, energy bars and dressings.

Furthermore, it is famous for its endurance enhancing properties. Therefore, it was used by the Incan warriors for stamina during battle.

We ensure a high quality product, by harvesting at 5000m above sea level in the Andes Mountains.





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